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Anchoring A Wood Framed Structure To A Concrete Pad

Bolting a garage, shed or other wooden structure to a concrete pad

If you are building a shed, garage or other wooden structure on a concrete pad it is important that you properly anchor the structure to the pad to avoid having it blown apart or away by high winds.

Basement Water Seepage

water seepage through block wall

Water leaks or seepage in your basement will damage stored items, destroy finished walls and flooring, but more importantly it becomes the perfect breeding area for mold. Where there is mold, there is the possibility of reparatory problems, allergies and odors. These contaminants will eventually permeate throughout your home.

Buying Concrete

redi-mix concrete truck

If you are planning a home improvement project that calls for concrete such as a patio, deck or garage it is important that you understand the basic terminology used by the industry.

Concrete Anchors & Fasteners

concrete anchors

Anytime that you need to fasten something, be it racking, cabinets or other objects to a wall, floor or ceiling made from concrete you must consider the best method to anchor it. One of the most common errors made by the diy home handyman is to look in his glass jars to find a fastener that might work. After spending countless hours and dollars on a home improvement project skimping on the fasteners is foolish to say the least.

Concrete Block

Concrete block used to construct basement walls

If your diy home improvement project requires construction material that is economical, does not burn, reduces the transmission of sound, is termite proof and will never rust or rot then you should consider the use of concrete blocks. Figure 1 shows concrete blocks used for basement walls.

Concrete & Cement Calculator

square or rectangular concrete pad

Column (Sono Tube)
Square & Rectangle

Building your own concrete slab, patio driveway or walkway is an excellent home improvement and most diy home handymen are capable of completing this type of project. All that is required is some knowledge and the right tools.

Concrete Oil & Grease Stain Remover & Cleaner

clean concrete

Clean-up oil and grease from concrete in your garage or driveway and avoid tracking it into your home using this homemade concrete cleaner.

Concrete Countertops

kitchen concrete countertop

One of the newest materials to be used for countertops in the residential kitchen and bathroom new home and remodel market is concrete.

Concrete Patio or Slab Construction

Concrete Patio Built Level With Surrounding Area

The vast majority of concrete patios are basic slabs of concrete that have been finished with a relatively smooth surface.

Concrete Slab Finishing - Striking-Off, Floating & Edging

Striking-off and floating a concrete slab

Pouring the concrete to create a slab is only half of the project. Once the concrete is poured into its forms, it needs to be worked to a level and smooth finish.

Concrete Driveway Construction

pouring concrete in a diamond pattern

As with many diy home improvement construction projects, what you don’t see is more important to the finished project than what you do see. The preparation of the sub-grade when pouring a concrete driveway is critical, without it, the life of the driveway will be decreased dramatically.

Concrete Resurfacing - Article 1; Article 2

Concrete pad spalling

Although concrete is one of the most durable products made, overtime, normal wear and tear, the elements, inclement weather, freezing and thawing can cause the surface of the concrete to become damaged. There are many surface problems that can happen to concrete; scaling, cracking, dusting, spalling, discoloration, popouts and efflorescence. When the surface layer of the concrete is coming off it is known as delamination.

Decorative Concrete Techniques

decorative concrete driveway

Decorative concrete as a home improvement project, requires some expertise and may be a more complex project then most diy home handymen are willing to undertake.

Concrete Crack Repair

filling crack in concrete slab for repair

Repairing Cracks In Concrete Slabs
Repairing Cracks In Concrete Walls
Repairing Thin Cracks In A Concrete Wall

This information pertains to repairing cracks in concrete slabs such as patios, driveways and floors and walls. Most diy home handymen are quite capable of implementing these repairs.

Concrete Foundations

poured concrete foundation

The foundation is the part of a building that supports the load of the house. In construction the term foundation generally applies to all of the building segments that are constructed beneath the framing of the first floor including all of the walls, piers, columns, pilasters and other supports.

Concrete Foundation Problems & Solutions

pored concrete foundation and walls

These pages identify and provide solutions to many of the problems typically seen in the foundations of newly constructed houses. The solutions provided represent the better design and building practices being applied by leading builders and the best practical advice being offered by building researchers, professional associations and the home building industry.

Driveway & Walkway Electric Radiant Heating

Driveway with snow melted using radiant heating

Winter time can bring the back breaking task of shoveling snow from your driveway just to be able to go to work. Ice can be a serious hazard and using ice melting chemicals is costly can destroy walkway and driveway materials, the landscaping around the driveway and can be tracked into the house, damaging floors.

Driveway Curbs & Gutters

Concrete curb & gutter along edge of driveway

The value of concrete curbs and gutters along the length of a driveway seems to be a mystery to many homeowners and because of this, many asphalt driveway installations do not have curbs and gutters installed along their length.

Hand Mix & Test Concrete

concrete slump test

Blending the mixture of gravel, sand and cement is one of the keys to producing a good concrete.

Painting Concrete

painted concrete patio

Painting concrete provides a clean, fresh appearance. Painted concrete is easier to clean, spills wipe-up easier and the paint provides a level of protection to the surface.

Painting A Concrete Garage Floor

Garage floor after painting

As with most projects the efforts put into preparing the concrete floor before actually painting will ensure that the paint adheres, is smooth and will last for many years.

Paving Bricks & Concrete Stones

Paving bricks used to create a patio, walkway and retaining wall

Paving bricks have become a very popular addition to many landscaping projects. Made by molding concrete in forms, the pavers come in a variety of textures, colors, shapes, and sizes providing the ability to match and compliment brick and stone veneers used elsewhere on adjacent buildings.

Paving Bricks & Concrete Stones - Design, Patterns & Layouts

Walkway Vertical paver & concrete stone; design, pattern, layout

Installing pavers and concrete stones has come a long way since they were introduced. It is no longer necessary to have a bland pattern.

Paving Bricks & Concrete Stones - Installation

installing pavers on a driveway

Because the installation of paving bricks is a complex and time consuming procedure many do it yourselfers do not invest in the effort to do the job right – the first time. If proper installation is not followed, the pavers will heave in some spots, settle in others and spread out producing an unsightly outcome.

Paving Bricks & Concrete Stones - Leveling

paving bricks that have settled

Paving bricks and concrete stones that are installed as driveways, walkways or patios can sink and heave over periods of time.

Paving Bricks & Concrete Stones - Lighting

paver low voltage light kit

Installing pavers and concrete stones has come a long way since they were introduced. Many companies have introduced low voltage lighting pavers which can be integrated into many paver or concrete stone designs.

Polymeric Sand

flagstone patio installation

Polymeric Sand Installation

In order to prevent washout and to provide better protection against the germination of weeds and grasses manufactures have begun to add polymers to the silica sand, creating polymeric sand.

Quick Tips On Using Concrete

questions and answers about concrete

Questions and answers about the proper use and care of concrete.

Rebar Installation & Sizes

Rebar tied together at joints

If you are installing a concrete garage floor, patio, driveway, sidewalk or support columns you should consider using reinforcing bars or as they are termed in the industry rebar, throughout the slab. Reinforcing bars help to hold the concrete together and will prevent cracks from forming.

Sill Plate Installation

installing a sill plate

The sill plate is the first piece of lumber that is attached to a masonry foundation. It is a critical part of the structural integrity of a building. Whenever there is a transition from a masonry foundation to a wood structure, a house, addition or garage a sill plate must be installed.

Staining Concrete

acid stained concrete floor

There are many ways to finish concrete. One can install a surface on top of the concrete such as ceramic or porcelain tile, hardwood, bamboo, cork, laminate or carpeting. Specially formulated concrete paints are also available. There is however a relatively new technique available for finishing concrete and that is staining.

Vibrating Concrete

vibrating a concrete slab to remove air pockets

Many DIY handymen believe that when concrete is poured into a form, be it a tube for a footing, a rectangle or square, the first impression is that the concrete will fill any and all voids in the form. This is incorrect. banner