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Leveling A Concrete Patio


I am building a BBQ island on an existing patio deck that is already stubbed out. the trouble is that water pools there (it eventually drains, but sloooowly) There is about a 2 inch drop to the center from left to right, and then it is level to the drain - there is about a half inch drop front to back along the length. My thought was to pour additional concrete on top of the existing patio from one to three inches thick. I would like to avoid having to saw-cut, and break the existing area especially with all of the stubs in place. My question is what is the best mix to use that won't cost an arm and a leg and I can handle by myself?


Use a premixed self-leveling concrete mix, available at any of the big box home improvement centers. Build a form around the current base and make the top level, them pour in the self levelling concrete! Make sure the current concrete is clean, no dirt, grime or loose pieces.

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